Enjoy with Medhufaru Inn Guesthouse Surf & Dive the astonishing beauty of Maldives with our breathtaking excursions


We offer all the excursions and activities that makes your holiday in Medhufaru Inn Guesthouse unforgettable. Take a tour to a sand bank or an uninhabited island where you can sunbath in your bikini or snorkel around the surrounding reef, or come with us to swim with the dolphins and see them jumping out of the water and snorkel with mantas, turtles and whalesharks. In the evenings, enjoy the sunset while dining on fresh seafood. . Alternatively, explore with us the sandbanks around the islands or come on a tour of Guraidhoo where we show you the insights in real maldivian life and culture. You might even be able to walk to another nearby island during low tide. Enjoy a day out on the beaches just a few minutes away, or go explore the splendid reefs and lagoons surrounding the island. In addition to the sun, sea and beach experience, you can also pick and choose your own holiday package, from among a variety of exciting activities such as snorkeling, diving, surfing and other water sports like jetski tours, jetblade, funtube and parasailing.

Fishing boat at sunset

Kite surfs in front of Medhufaru Inn Guesthouse
Windsurf in Guraidhoo

Make your holiday adventures, active and exciting. The snorkeling excursions from Medhufaru Inn Guesthouse Surf & Dive in Guraidhoo to nearby reefs gives guests the possibility to discover the unique coral reef system of South Male Atoll and its colorful inhabitants. These remarkable reefs made up of caves, terraces and cliffs are home to a variety of species such as turtles, manta rays, sting rays, moray eels, reef sharks, Napoleons and abundance of small reef fishes.


Sand banks are white sand mounds in the middle of the ocean surrounded by immaculate lagoons. Discover these sandy strips with a nice cold drink. The uninhabited setting is ideal to combine sunbathing and snorkeling around the exotic reefs around the bank. Although it’s a half day excursion it can be extended to a full day with picnic lunch. The best selfie happens here!

Medhufaru Inn Guesthouse Surf & Dive offers picnic trip to small uninhabited islands that have equal natural beauty. A picnic island looks more natural than resorts and you can have your own privacy as these islands are uninhabited. You can simply spend your day in the clear waters of these islands, swimming, snorkeling, beach games and experience a barbecue on the beach.


Or come night fishing with us. We organize big game fishing and jigging. As the setting sun splashes its colours across in the sky and the evening breeze dims the heat of the day, an anglers hop on a boat and ride away to a nearby reef to catch Snappers, Jacks, Squirrel, Groupers etc. The trip provides basic fishing gears for fishing. If you are really into fishing bring along your fishing equipment to go for the big game. After we can grill the fish you catched at Kasimbe´s Restaurant grill.
We from Medhufaru Inn Gueshouse Surf & Dive  Guraidhoo are very happy to show you all the astonishing beauty of Maldives that you will never forget!


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